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Neuromechanical Movements (2017)

A carpark is a non-lieu with its automatic and mechanical processes, comparable to the position of the subconscious in our consciousness. The Neuromechanical Movements is a sound étude aiming at modeling the way our mind wanders upon the impulses which emerge from a deeper substance. The
composition builds up from interlinked sound associations recorded at the Garage, that create a sound assemblage where each sound fragment becomes both a trigger and a consequence. The piece was created and has been installed since the 23rd of May 2017 in the framework of the exhibition called Minusworld, curated by Krüger&Pardeller at the historical Wipark Garage at Schottentor, Vienna. The composition was played once an hour in all over the garage from the regular speakers belonging to the parking lot.
Listen to the piece at the link: https://soundcloud.com/user-204562680/neuromechanical-movements